Fethiye is a pretty town at the hillsides of the Mount Mendos, the part of the Tourus Mountain chains,and surrounds the bay that it has given its name to. The high mountain range formed by rises and falls of the crust during the  Tertiary Geological Period, and hundreds of bays lying at the mountainside seem to embrace each other along the Fethiye shore line. This mountain range (it was called the Kragos and Antikragos in the antique period) with an altitude of more than 6560 feet (2000m.) forms the southwest end of the Toros (Taurus) chain and lies parallel to the shore without a single passage to the inner regions. On a warm and sunny winter day, peculiar to the Mediterranean climate while you are sipping at your Turkish tea or Turkish coffee, at one of the local tea gardens, along the coast, these mountains with pine trees at their skirts, white snow and mist on their summits will once more welcome you to heaven. Dry, long, hot summers and short, warm, rainy winters are climatic characteristics of Fethiye . The temperature which is around 86-105 F (30-40 C) during the summer, is usually above 50 F (10 C) in the winter. Considering the fact that in these turquoise-colored seas that in no season falls below 60 F (16 C)  swimming is possible for nine months of the year, we might as well conclude that there are only two seasons in Fethiye : Spring and Summer!
Due to the prevailing climatic conditions in the region, pine forests consisting of silver fir, Scotch fir, and Norway spruce cover the place. Olive, laurel, myrtle, acacia, plane tree, and popular trees are some other types that you can find in this rich flora. the frankincense tree (Liquidamber Orientalis) which is the source of myrrh widely used in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries, is among the rare species in the world. This plant has survived for 10 million years and has remained in existence since before the ice ages is cultivated only around Fethiye and Koycegiz and in a small district of California. You may reach this natural and historical heaven that God has donated to nature by any of one of the land, air, or sea courses that you chose. You could have a comfortable journey to Fethiye by the three highways through the pine forests, with connections to Mugla, Antalya and Burdur. The nearest center for air travel is the Dalaman Airport 31 miles (50 kms.) to Fethiye. In addition to the year round Istanbul - Izmir - Ankara and Antalya connected flights of Turkish Airlines, there are direct flights to all major cities in Europe, Asia and America. During the touristic season, Fethiye’s having the fourth largest seaport after Iskenderun, Mersin and Antalya provides great ease of marine travel. The naturally protected harbor is a drop-by place for all yacht crews.


Rent a Bike

Holiday does not  only mean sun, sand and beach... This is the time you should do everything you enjoy. We have noticed that many of the holiday makers hate using the minibuses. As you will not be in a hurry, why don't you ride to the beach, cafe or whereever you want

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Dalaman Airport Transfer

 Dalaman airport is the nearest airport to Fethiye ( Calis, Ovacik, Hisaronu, Oludeniz, Kayakoy ). It is 60 km and takes 45 minutes by car.

The best  and most comfortable way for the transportation is to arrange a private airport transfer.

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Rent a Car

Fethiye is a place famous for the great beaches and historical places surrounding it. For anyone who does not prefer group tours, the best way is to rent a car. This also allows you to arrange your day.

You may rent the car after you arrive your accomodation or start the comfort at the airport.

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Rent a Scooter

The population in Fethiye is 70 thousand; however, in summer it comes up to 300.000. Therefore, the traffic in the town centre is very busy and it takes a lot of time to drive to some of the beaches through the town centre. The best way to get rid of traffic chaos is to

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Rent a Stroller

Everyone in the world love children. They are sweet and unique and it would be great to spend time with them while you are on holiday. However, You need to carry a lot of stuff for his/her comfort during the holiday. One of the most important thing for your child is the stroller and it is a trouble at the airports. You have to carry it, wait for ages even after you get your luggages. Moreover, it might even get lost at the airport.


Therefore, we offer you to rent a stroller in Calis so that you do not need to experience all the trouble on the way to/from your holiday destination.

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